5th WEEK



We learned lots of things in our lesson last week. these were pressreader,feedly.google reader, TED talks,Edmodo,Socrativ Teacher, Dropbox, Youtube, Twittwer, Dictionary-Merriam-Webster, Oxford advanced dictionary, Aldiko Book Reader. Let’s glance at these briefly:


 Pressreader: In this website there are lots of newspaper from differrent countries. you can choose which newspaper you want to read, and you can follow these. you can this website as an extensive reading activies for your student. You can suggest them this website.

Feedly.google reader:  This is an alternative to google reader. you can use this instead of google reader. You can follow your student’s blog by the help of the it.

Flipboard:  You can follow your facebook page, twitter, googlereader account in there at the same time.

TED talks:  You can see the daily events. You can catch the news of the days.

 Edmodo: You can share your syllabus, your lesson notes, and can make quiz your students here.

Socrativ Teacher:  The teacher can share a question and the students answer it by entering the room number. And teacher easily check the answers of his/her student.

Dropbox:  You can store your docements in this program. You can share your documents with any one else, may be a friends or students.We can describe it as easily reachable storage of your documents.

 Oxford advanced dictionary: It is a dictionary program. You can use this quite easily in your leson. Students can reach the meaning, antonym, synonym, collacations, and pronouncation of the words,

Aldiko Book Reader:   If you want to read book in bus, you can download the book and can read the book what you like. You can use this program when you make listening activities. 


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