12th WEEK



I couldn’t attend this week but I have to write reflection about the subject taught in lesson. The subject of this week was “weebly” used for creating website and “second life” (three dimension environment).

Firstly, I want to mention weebly. Weebly is used to create a free website.  You should visit http://www.weebly. Com. You should sign up first. Then it is easy to design your website. In the FrontPage, you write what this website services for. Then, you can add others pages. One of the features of this website is that you are limited to add pages.  There are many features which provide us easiness while we are creating our website. You can add your blog , questionnaire  for  your students or anyone, your communication tools like Facebook, twitter, etc. , YouTube videos. There are some columns on page that you drag on page and do what you want We can use it in future, it is good for making difference in education term. We can make our students create their own websites for portfolios or projects in an enjoyable way. It provide students a new, engaging way to express themselves, have fun while completing assignments they are given.
Secon topic is “second life”. People are called in two way today some are “digital immigrants” who meet with technology long after they were born and the others “ digital natives” who born with technology. We are at the middle of this definition. Today teachers can control their students on digital environment, with lack of noise, lack of boredom and in a stress-free environment according to me. We can see the benefit of second life there. I have heard it before but didn’t have much information about it.


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